Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Footlocker Ghost..!?!

Dear Footlocker Ghost...

I don't know if you read this shit, but I was shocked and surprised by your random encounter...

I've actually got a few sources selling Yeezy's... I was about to tell u to hit me up and give you my number so if you read this hit me up and i'll sort you out..

I'm just wondering why you literally disappeared into thin air once I put down the Foamposites. I couldn't even see you upstairs or outside Footlocker...

Anyways it's nice to know i'm Well known for the Yeezy's..

Looking fwd to hearing from you (Footlocker Ghost)

Daniel Khor

P.S Introduce yourself next time because you knew my name, I had no fucking idea who u was... (Stalker Much?!?!)

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