Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We Are All Sheep In Some Form or Another..!?!?!

Hmmm... I see you're reading that blog title and thinking what the fux! It's my longest title to date, probably one of the most meaningful ones to me and this blog.

You all read my shit because it's original, none of this fake ass re-linking, regurgitating what I find on the web. Fuck all that shit, u want to know something, u google it and find it yourself or ask me face to face or via any form of communication. In this day and age if u can't communicate with me u really need to be shot! A simple google of Daniel Khor and u can get various details lol.

This blog is for me to open up my heart, my mind and myself to you. Let u understand me a little better, maybe you can even relate to me. Writing a blog and making it interesting is the hardest thing I do, I have to talk to myself but share with you indirectly. Talking in first person but showing perspective in third person. This blog started off as something for fun, but now it's a regular thing for my readers.

Don't make me bore you with all this rubbish it just had to be shared because I know half of you are sheep trying to change their ways to become the wolf dressed in a sheep's wool. It's about thinking differently, but ultimately acting the same. Breaking the norm but blending in. It's hard to do, but by thinking differently, You're able to change and adapt quicker, adopt new things quicker and be yourself.

What you read there might not make sense but it will put your dormant brain cells into work. You spend too much time browsing useless shit, reading useless information online. Think about yourself please! Think about what u want to be, no matter how ridiculous it may be. We are only limited by what our imagination can think of. We are only brainwashed by society and our culture. Make ur own culture and traditions do what u have to to survive and enjoy yourself.

Always know what you want before you do anything about it. Know when to stop, that's the problem with some people, they are greedy. They've reached their goal and don't know when to stop. You're only as good as you think you are, don't let anybody say ur not good enough.

It's a bit ironic I'm trying to educate you about following when I'm asking u to follow my advice.
This line just rendered this blog Mute!


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