Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Recently a kid asked me, "Sir, why are you always so happy?"
I replied because there are people who have it worse than us and they can smile. What do I have to complain about?
She didn't know how to reply, but just agreed with a "true". So I had to break the ice as I had to invigilate her, going to Tesco, incase she spoke to other students about the exam.
I asked her, "Why not try to see things differently, doesn't matter if we are smiling or crying, time still passes none the less, ever tried to force a smile when you're upset?"
This conversation goes on and on, till of course I convince her, there isn't much in this world u can't smile about.
Maybe it's easier for me, because I'm stress free and worry free.. Well I say that, but I have a lot on my mind.
Will I get a job?
When will I get my next pair of trainers?
What's coming out next that I need?
When have I got time for CoD?
What's out today for me to download?
What am I wearing tomoro?
I mean if u think about what you actually stress about it's usually something society has made u worry about. Of course your list will be totally different to mine. I worry about luxury items, things normal people don't. You guys probably worry about, university or work.
I can't tell u to stop worrying about them, but my advise is just approach everything with a smile and a calm mind, and it'll work out. At the end of the day, everything always works out. It's how the universe is programmed. It may be your traditional happy hollywood ending, but it may not. But either way ur problem is over, right?

You always hear the saying, "what's done is done?" I say stick a middlefinger up @ that saying. What's done can be improved! There is no such thing as perfect, (yes that came from me haha) everything can be improved. You just have to find the time and work out what needs to be improved (or fixed).

People just need to smile more, it's better than any anti-aging cream. Ladies it's a turn on if u have a good smile! Smiling makes u more attractive and makes u look more friendly! I'm not saying to smile and look like a fucking clown 24/7!! (Fair enuff I might look like one, but the real mug is the one who ain't happy.) End of the day it's ur life I'm not telling you how to live it, I'm just saying try to brighten it up. Google benefits of smiling and I'll bet u, you want over 80% of them benefits!

The mind is a powerful thing it can cure diseases even modern medicine can't. It can produce results faster than any modern machine. Exercise your mind, push it to greater heights. You only limit yourself when you think negatively.
The world is filled with opposites, yin and yang. If you're feeling down and upset. Why not try to smile, think positively. The day will brighten up! It's like the muller light adverts, if you enjoy your day someone else will have a miserable one.
"What comes around goes around!" If you enjoy your day, some criminal across the other side of the world may not be enjoying his. Well I say that but the world isn't fair, but positivity is always rewarded. It may not be instantly but it comes back when u least expect it.

The world is always balanced, think about it your smile may save someone's life. But all I know right now is, your smile is saving your life, and putting a smile on mine.

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