Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Year..!??!

Wow, it seems like last week since I wrote a blog about getting older haha. I know you are all tired of reading shitty lines like that. Words telling u how fast time has past. You know what, to me it hasn't been that quick haha. I wish time would move a little faster, we would all grow up a little quicker. Because we are in the age where we want everything instantly!? And wouldn't a bright and sunny future be great. Specially if it could come a little quicker.

Sucks getting another year older, people expect more things from you. At 23, I'm suppose to have a career, some savings to prepare for my own place. You know what I don't give a fuck. As long as I'm living day by day happy as I can be, doing what I enjoy. Life will soon pass by, and the job will come. The house will come. It's not aiming for them and just surviving that gets u them things. The universe has a way of doing things like that. If u plan for something, it usually misdirects u and leads u another way. Some people may call this a distraction, some people call it fate.

As you can see, this year I've achieved more things than last year haha.. But I'm more or less in the same position, and have I actually grown up? I'm still as short as fuck haha.
Well what people usually mean by that is, have I grown wiser? You tell me. My blogs have become more boring, and more about myself than anything else.

Anyways this was a quick post for ya'll..
And I didn't have much in mind to share... I would like to thank everyone who surprised me on my birthday. Probably the best birthday ever, and all we did was have a midnight BBQ haha..

Anyways if u want a full breakdown of it... Jenny has a full blog on it.. Of course her's isn't written as funny, and great as mine but I only have my p.o.v on this one.. She has the 3rd person with all the organising!

Look fwd to my next blog... Spoon Fed..!?!


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