Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spoon Fed...?!?

Last blog was just a quick update and not a motivational one or informational one just a personal one. For me, and my extended family who actually respect and give 2 fucks about me. I know I'll put my own life on the line to do shit for them. It's nice to know I have close friends like that who will go out of their own way for me..

Enough of that stuff, emotions? I don't have emotions haha.. And if I did I only have one emotion! Happiness and greatness if u can call that one. I gave u the title of this blog on my last post, because I'm setting myself challenges to write a post with the title set way before I even know what to write.

If you have any suggestions hit me up, they have to be smart and witty. If u read my titles u are usually intrigued and want to read more. I know this because of feedback not because I said so haha.

A lot of you have been emailing me and saying my blogs are quite contradicting and hypocritical. I don't speak straight forward and I call u guys idiots. So spoon fed..!!? You're probably thinking we aren't spoilt brats with our silver spoons in our mouths, you are (referring to myself).

Well this blog is referring to u guys. Everyone now a days wants everything delivered to them directly. Require no thinking at all! What fun is that? Knock your brain cells a bit, give urself a challenge. I mean I can see all this by the type of music u listen to, ever realised when u listen to all them RnB songs ur letting the artists emotion tunnel into u. You start to think oh I can relate to them. All these crappy love songs, what are they doing to u? Making u weaker! This is what I mean by spoon fed. We (I don't class myself within that category) are taking in what is on the surface, rarely do we look underneath the outer layer!

Humans are quick to voice their opinion when it's following the crowd, but if it's the opposite to what the mass are saying then it's wrong?? The greatest people we all follow and idolise, their opinions that we voice and pass on, mostly had one thing in common. I'm not going to spell that shit out for you, I know u know the answer. By standing up against the masses their views made a change. You don't know if your's will make such a dramatic change but even small steps count. Changing one persons view will trigger a chain reaction. When a human believes in something, they are usually quick to pass their view and try to convince others.

My blog posts are hypocritical because I am still learning, I make assumptions too quickly. Jump to conclusions and then later on I admire and become educated. We are all human, we aren't perfect, we all make mistakes. They say u never forget a lesson learned from a mistake, but have u ever thought about the lesson learnt from someone else's mistake? That's the most valuable, listen to ur elders or people who've made the mistake before. They have insight, they've lived it and learnt the mistake. They are trying to educate u. Most people just laugh at these people and then make the same mistake. That's what makes u weak!

I'm not sure if ur a keen follower of my blog, but I quoted a post from Kanye West before saying nothing's a fact anymore. Only a common opinion! Everyone just follows like sheep so they aren't singled out and picked on.
Stop acting like u being spoon fed, think for yourself and be the person feeding. Knowledge is power, only if u know how to spread ur knowledge. No use knowing everything if u can't show it off haha. We soak in media, advertising words and even opinions and voice as our own. Get pulled into the culture, the traditions that surround us and never create. We should be creating our own [culture or traditions] making our own memories. Not re-living someone else's, but saying that never forget your roots, they are what make you who you are. (your oxford definition)

Don't be spoon fed, have ur own views! Don't be afraid to voice ur own opinion. If it inspires 1, you will gain 1,000 haters. But thanks to all them haters u will become stronger, and gain that much more power! (No Man Should Have All That Power!) Because of people hating on u, u strive to do better, improve yourself to inspire them!

Again I'm not here to teach/preach my way of life, take in what u read and decide what to do for yourself. Not everything I say will apply to you, what u need to do is for u to decide. Not me, not fate, not God, just u and ur ideal future processed in ur mind.

P.s I was writing this on my ipad on the train, and I finally saw someone else with an ipad on the train. He was hating on my case and we geeked it half the journey haha. Talking about our ipad and stuff. Proper geeky but I know u hating.

I was going to mention the other form of spoon feeding, claiming benefits from governments but I am sure u all know my views on that shit and if I get too deep into it this blog will be boring and shit haha.

Christian (@innermoi on Twitter) wanted to provide you guys with an image as most of my blogs are quite text heavy.

I'm going to give u my intepretation of this diagram he drew, but if he was to explain it he will probably just say he draw some random shit together lol.
Let's start from the bottom up....

He drew a star with the x as eyes symbolising death or confusion by hiding it behind a road shows he has given up on his road to stardom. It's a long and windy road to stardom, but he doesn't see the end. The light at the tunnel. Because further up we have the sun, but once again it is hidden so, he knows there is a light at the end of the tunnel but he has to clear his vision. Clear the clouds his own mind, is cluttered with all these emotions. The sad raindrop represents his sadness, he needs to shed a tear or two. Release his steam, the stress he has accumulated. On the top of the diagram we have his dream to become a star with a clear vision the star with the eye. He knows his dream is in film. At the highest point we have a kinda stalk sticking up from the top. This represents a desire to reach higher than most, a kinda Jack in the beanstalk. To slowly climb into his own dreams and live it, make it happen.

Anyways I,m signing out this was a long one hope u all enjoyed it.

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