Thursday, April 08, 2010

Counter Ur-A-Jew..!?!?

I'm not intending this to be a racist post it's just an honest opinion that I have. None of this is based on fact like half my shit haha. But I just like to write shit, and I'm guessing u just enjoy reading it.

So everyone think's Jewish people are the stingy ones, the ones who are tight with money. I personally don't think that's the case! They fucking love spending money on lavish shit, but what makes them smart is they spend it on their own people. They take money from non-jews then spend it at Kosher shops. Well putting that aside, I'm going to give u guys a marketing insight to what being Jewish really means. (Not religiously)

This mainly applies to you guys who look after the penny's. I'll revel the consequences of your jewish like actions. I know you chinks out there who are cheap and like to go for them B.O.G.O.F offers, ever thought about the last time u actually used that service or product? The most recent one being some Thorpe Park tickets. If you know ur a victim it's a shame u can't report the crime haha. Coz your the one cheap enough to fall for it. Ever realised offers are usually on the shittest time of the day, and only apply to a very small number of shops?
That's a marketing stunt, to get u to buy products which aren't being sold, or an introductory product to convert u. Very simple technique right, here's the best one. The ones where u have to save tokens and then still pay for the product or service. My example about Thorpe Park, when do u every consider visiting it? Holidays and stuff. Rarely ever during the middle of a school term. But these offers draw ur cheap asses in, you think ur the one coming out on top. You've spent money, probably had a good time and then talk about it on facebook or Twitter, then people think oh what a bargain and ask you where u got ur offer from. And it's a vicious circle, all your cheap asses are drawn in and they've made a contribution during a slump. Here is a more recent example that's still going on as this is written. McDonalds Monopoly, we all know we aren't going to win that car or what ever it's they are giving away. But that false hope that maybe your next meal will win u something. Or that extra chance on that larger deli meal which cost u £6 will win u something. Chances are u'll have to spend just as much on Maccy D's as the car to win it.

I know this Monopoly Maccy D's offer works because it's like the 3rd time in 2 years they have done it, and it's usually around the time kids get off on Holiday! Companies plan these things and manipulate people.

Buffets are another great example for those of u who apply Jew Tactics. You can go to a decent restaurant and buy a decent meal which will fill u up for the same price as that £12.99 buffet. And the shit they serve at the buffet is usually very very limited. And even then it doesn't cost them much to make them larger quantities.

Think of what ur about to buy in a business point of view and u'll realise your only saving money in the short term, ur falling victim in the long term. Stop being Cheap, u pay for the quality you get. Businesses operate for a profit, don't try and Jew them out because the only loser is you!


VictA said...

To be fair, the whole economy is myopic, no one thinks in the long term. Everyone just goes for them short term benefits

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