Thursday, April 01, 2010

To Be A Thief..!?!

As you all know the internet, e-books and e-magazines are taking over!! You flick through a magazine and find shit u've read online printed in there. Not many people read them anymore. I mean most newspapers cost next to nothing now a days. But I still love to splash a little ££ on printed material. Call me old fashioned or out dated.
Well it's been a year since I've subscribed to Wired Magazine probably one of the most interesting magazines I've read ever! Tells me everything from, latest gadgets to happenings online and the latest ways to produce renewable energy sources. The shit I read in there is the future, some of you may not care about the future but it's coming and u'll be living it.

Anyways there was a story which I found pretty amazing and thought I would share it with you. A Canadian guy called Gerald Blanchard. Wiki him if u need to, not much pedia on him tho.
His life story kinda made me think twice about my own. He knew what he wanted, and he did what he could to get it. Not many people can do that. He enjoyed the adventure and the excitement!
That's what we all need to do, forget about the main goal, the end result and enjoy the high getting there.
It's easy to block out all the shit and streamline to ur goal, but once u reach it your lonely and have nothing.

But yeah, give it a read I think Wired put the feature online so look up Gerald Blanchard and turn ur life around! Never betray your friends and never lie to yourself. When your down there's always a way back up. There are always more than one or two ways to see things. By seeing it at a different angle u'll always find the solution. If not u can always ask me haha.

P.s I just wanted to post this before another post I wrote. The next one is total bullshit and I'll apologise in advanced for the crap u'll read. My head wasn't screwed on properly, and I was kinda ill.
I'll try bring u more entertaining and interesting shit! Or if you have anything you want me to express don't hesitate to email me @[at] .

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