Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day In The Life of Dan..!?!??

It's been a while since I've bore u all with a minute to minute commentary of my life. So I'm thinking whilst sitting on the train I shall hit up a quick blog about my day. Well I've suddenly become addicted to twitter! I think I've tweeted more in the last 24 hours than I have since my account came to fruition in 2008. It really is amazing on the go, it's like having facebook and msn merged together, and as the 14 or 15 year old said, twitter is for old twits haha. You should either have a blackberry or an iphone as twitter is the best on the go. Anyways if your not one of my followers here is the link.
Well anyways I went down to central yesterday to just network and speak to my friends as I do on a tuesday. First I would make my way to mash! This shop the guys know me as the crooks and castle guy. They even offered me the Crooks & Castle bike, 150 in the world!! But I'm not interested in BMX! Then I would make my way around carnaby say hey to my boys around there, then head to new era to speak to Aaron. Keep my information updated and shit man, guys know their shit who work in retail. Course I have to go speak to Lemara in Size? Covent Garden, she makes me laugh gunning off the new true blues. Anyways I hit up the new Bape Store, and they released the man hunt's!! Fuck me I have wanted them all my life, well the few years I've heard of Bape haha, £280 FML..!! That's like rubbing 6 £50 notes on the floor till u can't use them so I had to think long and hard! But in the end Gavin told me not to purchase them ugly shoes. Buy more louis instead!! Off to louis vuitton I go!! Westfields it was, since I have hook ups there.. Reserved my keepall 45 bouji(something or another) £2,200 embossed leather. Amazing bag, fingers crossed I can get it. VI fucking P man!!

After my long day shopping, just cotched and blazed as I always do. Fucking work the next day at 12! Body is taking it's toll man. This post is a little late as I haven't had time to upload it. But I've been doing some shopping, copped myself the true blues for my collection but I think that's it. No more cheap shit man haha, gonna step up!! Anyways I can't be arsed to talk about my life anymore!

P.S This blog took me almost 2 weeks to post, a lot of the information is out dated and i've finally got my camera replacement... (it's a shame I can't take a photo of my camera haha) And i've copped my True Blue 3's..!!

I'll try and post regularly... But my time at home on my laptop has been limited this past few weeks..!!

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