Friday, October 30, 2009


A lot of fans have been emailing me asking if the blog has stopped and where are my new cops.. Well when I saw this I had to buy it..!!

It’s beautiful haha… Louis vuitton Monogram Macassar Keepall 45..

I’ve spent a good few weeks saving up for this and finally it’s paid off. It’s probably my favourite Louis vuitton bag I have in my collection at the moment but fingers crossed I can soon afford trunks which will boost my Louis collection.
Anyways it took me 3 weeks of thinking before I went out and purchased this little critter..!!

Those close to me know I’ve begun a weird habit of drinking tea, I’ve always loved Chinese tea but now I’ve grown an appreciation of English tea. So I had to buy this useless toy which stays in it’s packaging and watches over me. The shit we buy that we don’t need yet we still want it.
Man my spending habits have to stop I’ve wasted too much money on useless things and it’s about time I make a move with my life and try to look for a job.
Trainer news has been on an all time low… Last year around October amazing releases, but this year Nike have been quiet and released some pretty disappointing stuff… I’ve started to move away from Trainers specially the colourful and crazy ones. I’m growing up and I should start dressing like a mature adult instead of a rebelling teenager who loves to seek attention. My image has given me some good times, some bad times and even gay times haha…

Recently I was walking around in central London as I do, on my day off work. I was stopped by a guy in Soho. “Excuse Me, where did you get that top? I love it!” Being the beast I am I gave the usual hypebeast response. “I got it from America.” (I’m guessing if you’re actually in America you would say Japan?) Then I walked off. I thought afterwards was that a compliment that a gay guy from Soho liked the shit I was wearing or isit an insult? We all have that stereotype that Gay’s have good sense of style, and immaculate taste in clothing. I don’t actually have any gay friends so I don’t really accept that stereotype, I just love beautiful things. (Note* That said beautiful things not just expensive things)

I think I should give you all some blackberry updates as it seems more people have a blackberry than any other phone. It’s become the 5110 (Nokia) of this generation. If you don’t know what I am talking about I think your either too old so stop reading my blog, or your too young which means your not over 18 so should not be reading this blog as well. (Fucking Kids, go outside kick a ball. Ride a bike. Learn how to survive [Not only on games])
Blackberry Bold 2 9700 (Onyx) is coming out in a few weeks… I was pumped and was looking forward to updating my phone because I have to be up to date with this shit… you guys read this blog because I am up to date haha… But it seems like it just isn’t worth it, so instead I ordered new parts for my phone and updated the operating system to the BETA 5.0. It’s soo amazing and I recommend anyone who has a blackberry and doesn’t mind a few bugs to download it. (or just wait like everyone else) It increases the speed of the phone by at least 2x, but I’ve found out this OS drains your battery quite a bit.

Also all you out dated internet freaks get your ass following me on twitter… That’s one of the main reasons I’ve not updated this blog as much as Twitter has been my channel of news. I’ve been posting up some pretty interesting stuff as well as boring stuff, but if you love my stuff or my quotes then I’m the one to follow.

Well apart from that my life has been pretty much the same.. Jamming, shopping, working and networking. So nothing to report back to you. Also Pro Evo 10 makes fun of Fifa, just play Pro Evo stop switching to the dark side..

Let me leave you with an advert which was banned in 2001. I personally don’t think it should have been banned but I have no power to stop it and you know what that’s the power of advertising.!! But if you ban stuff now a days it becomes good publicity and makes good viral haha. Spread the word..!! Check it..!!

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