Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Lost Symbolon..!!

Wow, I'm becoming consistently bad updating this shit haha. Well, I've got a pretty good excuse. (Not really but it's an excuse that you'll have to accept)

I've been busy reading Dan Brown (Not Derren Brown idiots!) The Lost Symbol. I'm not really a reading type unless it is something I feel will improve my life. And that's what The Lost Symbol has done for me. It's educated me in various ways. Fair enuff the book is fictional. But Dan Brown uses hard facts in it. All the references to famous landmarks and artifacts, his research upon writing this book is immense.

A few of you may know of my interest in freemasonry, I've been looking for more information about it since my Zeitgeist blog. But information about it seems to lead to Dead Ends. And in order for me to join I need to find a brother who will sponsor me and introduce me to another brethren who can both accept me into the initiation. Dan Brown explains a lot about the whole brotherhood and a few of their secrets.

It's actually an amazing read, I enjoyed it more than The Da Vinci Code.

Also, since I've been working at take away, I used to always write my blogs on my blackberry, but recently it's been sooo busy. I.e. Last nite, Saturday nite. I did like 12 deliveries personally, and drove up to Bushy!! From Colindale, that's not 3 miles but we did it n e ways, and I went to the biggest house I've seen. It was the size of 3 average detached houses, with a driveway which took me a good minute to walk to the door. The tree's were cut all artistically and mysteriously, as if it was creating a fence, more like a wall from reality. 8 cars!! 8, 2 merc's, 2 porsches, one of them was the 4x4. A range rover, 2 mini's and a shitty polo. The polo was a guests, because she left as soon as I arrived. And wow!! Was the guy's daughters' hot. Jewish may I add, but hot none the less.

I don't discriminate when I see beautiful things haha. I'm amazed as to how big this house was, I was expecting a very generous tip, but after approaching the door and seeing that thing I knew they were Jewish. All my hopes went down the drain.

Any ways, I got my 2nd parking ticket of my life. Was pretty pissed off because I found out today if I just drove off I wouldn't have had a ticket. But I was talking to the warden to let me off and then she just handed me a ticket. Pretty pissed about that £50 fine. But I was expecting a little bit of bad luck to counter all the good luck I've been having recently..

But this has motivated me to actually finish my CV, I'm planning to get that shit done and dusted by the end of next week. Start applying and hopefully have a job by the end of the year. Which goes in time with my plan that I should own my own place by the end of next year. We'll just have to wait and see.

I've recently learn, my greatest weakness is my greatest strength. I'm too fucking nice. (Cliché) but still. I am easily bent by others, and I am always asked for favours. I rarely say no because I'm Dan. But this is going to be the end of that shit man. It's costing me more money than I thought!! You bastards know who you are mayne.

Hmm, apart from that nothing much to report on. Nothing u can't find from other blogs and shit. I don't like to reference blogs n e more or post shit that doesn't turn me on a little.

Hopefully, I'll try and think of something interesting to blog about next time. For the time being I'm just a little bored. Need some inspiration in life, you all have Dan but I don't have a Dan to inspire me!! I have to gather inspiration from other places and from myself haha.

This part was added on a Wednesday because I didn't have time to actually upload this blog. I've been visiting book stores recently and reading books about religion, polarity and all sorts of other shit. It's helped me realise that I've learnt nothing all these years in school. What you learn in school doesn't help u in real life. Apart from the social aspect of school, I've been though it all man. Sex, drugs and alcohol, I may be a bit young to be reflecting on stuff like this but if you think about it kids these days are growing up way too quickly.
I'm sure half of u idiots are bored of your own life already, stuck in the same routine and done everything. Gone out clubbing, cinema, bowling anything u can think of that you do on a weekend. Way more times than both your parents did at the same age as us.

Why is this? Because of the social factor in our lives, communication has become so easy, tweet an update of your location, Facebook wallpost some chick u ain't spoken to for 5 years. Txt someone where to meet, phone someone long distance or even email them.

But think about this where has all the feeling gone? When people used to sent letters miles away, when meeting up was a rare occasion. Planning a date was romantic and took a lot of effort saving up.
Now a days, taking a chick to star bucks to share a coffee could be classed as a date, and due to all this social networking you know more about her before u meet up with her by quickly flicking through her photo's or her wallposts.

We haven't yet reached the phase where u can google a person and find out all their statistics and facts. Unless your Daniel Khor of course haha, I'm infamous bitches!! But what I am trying to say is. We try and experience everything whilst we are young. Where has your sense of adventure gone? When did all 18 year olds suddenly become like they are in their mid-twenties?

Many say you never have enough time to do everything u want, but have u ever thought about how much time u've wasted clubbing partying and doing shit which costs u money, and all u have to show are a few photographs.
Happy memories are those u share with your friends, treasure them and they should rarely take place. If you have too much fun at this age what are u going to do in 10 years time? We are only bored when shit becomes repetitive, yet why do we hate Change?

Peace out I'm sure you're bored of my rant.

I thank all those who read this, and would urge u to follow my twitter as I update regularly. @DanielKhor tweet me bitches.

P.s I am a hypocrite, I talk about all this staying young and shit
, yet I'm mature and I love my mature girls. It's time some of us realised, we don't have to conform to society. I do what I like, when I like.

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