Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brand, Brands Are Unbranded...!?!

Well you all should know me quite well by now, I enjoy analysing people and remember what they wear and stuff.. I’m quick to remember people by things they wear and it doesn’t mean it has to be branded items.
I’ve noticed a lot of people enjoy wearing stuff with brand names printed straight over them. You can call me a hypocrite since I’m covered in brands but it’s not the brand name I am actually covering myself in. I admire design and the actual branding, the brand identity. How we as consumers see the brand and the status and reputation that brand reflects upon the user/wearer.
Why isit people associate themselves with a brand?
It’s because people want to be seen as part of that collective who are users of that brand.
There are early adopters of brands, the people who just jump on because it’s part of a trend and then those who are late. The late ones get the cheapest price, but miss out on all the hype haha… But they usually get the final/best stuff because the early adopters have given feedback and it’s been improved in various ways.
As a marketing graduate I have a different perspective on brands, as I’m theoretically suppose to help increase brand awareness and brand loyalty. Therefore selling a brand haha. Shit you see in supermarkets labelled CEREAL or BEER or any other economy item, they are probably the same as the higher more expensive foods we pay for. We pay for the marketing, the advertising and the packaging. But isit all worth it? Doesn’t it all end up in the same place? A bag from Louis Vuitton is essentially a bag, using one of them BAG For LIFE from M&S is probably better, but we enjoy the other shit that comes with the Designer handbag.
RECOGNIZE bitches, Welcome to the age of the disposables..!! We buy and replace shit all the time, we are all consumers we have fallen into that media trap.. Stop trying to fit in and lets be individuals man, we should stop being tools to these companies hahaha…

Specially all them BAPE heads covering themselves head to toe in that shit man… Yes I’m a hater too, not really hating just feel sorry for u, spending all that money

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