Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Hero..!?!

Once again I've been busy busy busy haha. Doing what u may ask? Nah it hasn't been copping shit because after that Louis v cop I've been broke!!

Actually I brought a few pieces from the Jil Sander x Uniqlo collection, the cashmere cardigan was the best buy. It set me back quite a bit but I look like fucking Chink Bass!! (Chuck Bass if u never got the reference)

Let me fill u n00bs in on some happenings since my last post! Wow, dates well far back.

As you all know CoD:MW2 came out, that's right the most highly anticipated game since the first one!! I'm not that good at it yet, been slacking! Not played it since Kev jacked me of both my CoD games over a year ago. Here is the story of me copping the game.

I leave work Monday nite, 10:30p.m, drive straight to Watford Asda. I see a massive Q and jump in line. This was about 11:00p.m!! I happened to be 129th in the Q!! I was thinking I mite not get it, ask the people at the front of the Q and they have been Q-ing since 10p.m!! The game is released at 12p.m!! So we waited around and the pre-orders got their game first, so after a good hour, I finally pick up my copy of CoD!! Drive back down to NW, went to Asda in Colindale to get a drink, as me and my mate walk out of Asda, he heads off and I head to my car. I was stopped by some black guys. Yes I don't want to be racist but I was stopped by black guys!! He goes "I know u got the game give me the game, don't make me stab u for the game." I reply I ain't got it, and he decides to search me. Gay boy was feeling me up and shit and touched my phone and my big LV wallet. Nah I don't want ur phone or cash, just give me the game! I didn't have it on me it was in my car and he left me alone. Idiot, trying to rob me of a game he could have brought with his benefits money! Yes, I'm sure this unemployed waste man, was claiming some sort of benefits or his parents was claiming some sort of benefits. If u have a probably stolen PS3 to play on why not just buy the game.

Anyways enough of that, the weekend before CoD:MW2 I decided to order DJ Hero!! I was going to settle for the poor mans edition, normal decks and the game. But nah I'm a bigger man than that, needed the case and the gold/black decks. So I splashed out for the renegade edition. Oh I forgot to fill u in, before all these games came out my PS3 was broken for about 6 months, I decided to buy another PS3, because it cost £150 to fix my one, or £180 for a pre-owned one with one controller and a game.

Ok, I ordered DJ Hero, 6th November. The date today as I am writing this is, 19th November. The game arrived today, which sparked me to enlighten u with these stories. Here are a few photo's of the beautiful edition I purchased, it was £40 more than the original, but I got that amazing case and much slicker looking deck.

Anyways I waited 2 weeks for my game and it never came so I rung up game. They told me due to the release of CoD:MW2 my game wasn't shipped. So this Tuesday I rung them, and they sed we will ship it. And it arrived today! Pretty pissed, but loving the game.

Whilst waiting for my game I have been watching videos online of the game, and found out u can play Guitar and DJ at the same time so I had to purchase a guitar!! Now here's the story of how Game F-edML.

I pick up Nixon from uni, head to Brent x. I ask for Guitar Hero 5, with Guitar! It took the guy almost 30 mins to find out they had sold out, then I was going to settle for the pre-owned version. So I brought it for £40, I walk to HMV and find it brand new on sale for £33!! Guitar Hero World Tour, so I buy that and refund my pre-owned one and exchange it for Guitar Hero 5 software. Then walking around Brent X some more, I see the game for £30 in Curry's!! Should I return it!! Ahh fuck it man, I can't be bothered all for £3! My life got fucked soo hard these few weeks, but now I am playing DJ Hero on my partially new PS3, and I am enjoying CoD.

Other than that my life's been pretty boring, here is a photo of what my sister copped for me whilst on holiday in Amsterdam, she saw it and thought of me!!
Also Tina copped a bottle of Voss water for me, not knowing I've got a few bottle of it at home. Thank you tho, such an amazing bottle and over priced water haha. But that's what I love about these companies, taking shit for free and charging people like us money for it!!

Alrite, it's been 6 months since I've graduated and I've barely lifted a finger to look for a job, I think I'm going to start so could graduates please email me their CV's so I can use them as templates for a CV as I have no frigging idea how to write one. Unless any marketing company happens to stumble upon my page and wants to hire me, drop me an email, . Actually if your reading this then technically your haha.

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Peace out until next time!!

Oh here are some bonus pictures of my New Blacked out Metallic BOLD..!!!!

The pictures don't do it any justice at all... The back is all metallic and the keypad is metallic blue as well...

Anyways I need to go work Safe..!!

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