Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where amazing happens.

Sup readers, let me firstly and formally introduce myself (NIX-ON-IT!!!) as one of the new authors on DanielKhor[dot]com! When Dans feeling like a lazy ass and doesn't blog it's our jobs as the new contributors to fill in and hopefully entertain, share or inform you on whats happening. So, "Where amazing happens." No Im not referring to myself, though not a bad guess as that statement can be applied to yours truely lol.
But instead! NBA Playoffs are finally here (Starts 18th April)! (If you don't know what the NBA is....Im shocked n appauled firstly, but there will be a video that should give you an idea of what it is anyway) Last night the NBA regular 82 games per team season ended. Leaving the top 8 teams of the East and West with the best win records to battle head to head for a trip to the finals to win that "
Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy"

Teams and players will be competeting for a 14.5 pounds of sterling silver and vermiel with a 24 karat gold overlay standing at 2 feet tall. The trophy is manufactured every year for the winning team by Tiffany & Co. Valued at $13,500.

The NBA not only being a means as a form of entertainment, but also a major buissness product and name worldwide. This year they made a smart move in using Kanye West's "Amazing" track (punning on this years playoff slogan) to sell and increase publicity amoungst the public. Using arguably the biggest and most successful name, or as me n Dan have disscussed self turned "product" this year, the man with the biggest ego in the entertainment industry in Kanye, was a smart move by the NBA franchise (Y)

So I leave you with the "Amazing" video, amazing things doesn't happen to everyone or everyday, but only if you're worthy; Amazing will become you, yourself!

Peace out!

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