Monday, April 06, 2009

Where are you yeezy..!?!?

Fuck that shit, I got my Yeezy's where are your yeezy's. 12 months maybe more in the waiting, I've finally got my pair, and guess what it was well worth the wait. These going to break more neck's than your mother in her prime. Let me edumacate u about some guy in uni, man this guy was a total joke. Scenario, I walk into the library, and he was leaning back at his computer and saw me walk in. Begin the stare! He was watching my feet for a good 2 mins. I was rocking my Clae hi rollins or some shit forgot the actual name. He staring whilst I pull out my laptop, and set it up. So after that good stare he continues his work. So I cross my legs. You know how men cross their legs, not the women way. And he stands up, bends over to read the name at the sole of the shoe. He could have just asked me man, instead of literally breaking his neck. Haha, anyways this post is about my air yeezy's baby.

Almost 10 hours in the Q, I was like 6th or 7th. Check this pic of me, when I got my pair. Not my jacket, but that saved my life, kept me warm and kept my swagger a little higher than usual as I went straight from work. Day was killing me man, woke up at 9 for uni, straight to work, from work to blaze, blazed to Q. And then from the Q home to shower and then ended up back at work. And finally I got a good nites sleep, this is the reason why the blog is up tonite and not yesterday. But, these shoes are crazy, I need the black pair in my life. I had them on as well, when I was in the shop.

Man, the story of the air yeezy's are all over the forums. Size? Carnaby only had 7 or 8 for sale to the public, I think covent garden store had a few. Nike town had like 28 for sale @ £117. And, 1948 store had 22 for sale, UK7.5 being the smallest and I got them for myself. Largest size was 11, and the rest were 8's to 10, a lot of half sizes. But shit looked amazing on display. When I saw them I kneeled down and crawled, just to have a laugh with the staff. They were either rocking their grey's which they got 3 weeks ago, or their black's. Which are a month early!!

Anyways enough talking haha, guessing you guys want to see pictures and for those sneaker heads, u want to see fit pictures. And for those even crazier heads u want to see the glow in the dark photo's.

And here you go!

There you are yeezy's!!
Much love, and I've just bought a Bape jumper to go with my chino's that I am going to rock with my Yeezy's fit pic's will be up when I get it delivered. Don't hate just appreciate that you are one person closer to seeing the Air Yeezy's in person and actually touching them.

Also, they fit slightly larger than normal, but not a whole size. I think I would give a tip to those buying them in reseller prices, to buy true to size. Since they are comfortable running slightly bigger.

Peace out, this was typed at work so I should get back to work. Haha, lazy mofo, I am. Also I should have a video for you guys, my presentation is being edited by me as (I type) we speak.

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Michael said...

yo!! hope u lovin the yeezy!! im just not sure when i should wear those motherfuckers out!!