Sunday, June 07, 2009

In Hype We Trust...!?!?

Air Yeezy Still Don't Know About These???
Countless celebs rocking their pairs, stupid crazy sneaker heads rocking them to death. Q-ing for stupid amounts of hours to part with £150!! Is it worth it..!?!?
Well isit hype or isit a beautiful shoe. I personally love them, but still don't think they are the best looking shoe. And this is where the blog title comes into place.

In Hype We Trust...! A piece of clothing or a pair of trainers are nothing without the hype, the limited supply, for that exclusive look but once again is it worth it..?!?

When I walk down the street and random people stop to ask me about my garms or my shoes, that feeling is priceless!! Just stopping you and commenting or having a chat about them. That feeling makes u feel superior. Haha, maybe that's why I think I am ontop of the world. I get way too many comments for my own good. I don't think there is one day I've gone without any one commenting. Coz I'm fresh to death every day haha.

Anyways this post is about Air Yeezy's haha, the last pair has come and gone. Here are the pictures for ur viewing pleasure. I've managed to get all 3 of them, coz I Am Dan Khor man.
Nah, the person who deserves thanking is my Sister, she Q-ed for me Thursday nite, right thro to Friday Nite, when I took over after work. Other people doing that shit since Monday, bloody crazy man. I don't think I could do that, for a pair of kicks just to save £300. Or tho I think they are resellers so to make £300? Who knows, I personally hate resellers, but I might be one of them haha. Pair of 3 Yeezy's in Size UK 7, 7.5 and 7.5 respectively in each colourway, for sale. I am selling to raise finance, for a louis vuitton briefcase. Haha, Yeezy's aren't for life, but Louis is, and Louis ain't about Hype!
Anyways made some good friends at the Yeezy line up, true sneaker heads. People also Q-ing for their Kids, shit they must love their kids. My parents tell me off for buying so many, yet these ones Q-ing for their children!
Q-ing like that must feel like being in the Big Brother house haha, lose concept of time. And just bored to death! Fair enuff, you have contact with the outside world but, shit that must mess with someone's body.

Aite Here comes the photo p0rn for those unlucky enough to get a pair…
I’ll do some better pics when I can be bothered… I mean I’m still fucking waste from Q-ing up only 10 Hours… Can’t imagine how the others must feel haha.. Just woke up from a nice sleep, and now it’s already time for work… Peace ya’ll
Here is a photo for you hungry fat people and I know a lot of fat people read this blog who aren’t interested in kicks… You know who you are hahaha…

Man even the homeless was ripping the piss out of us... Laughing and saying they wouldn't be able to last as long as us hahaha...

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Mr.Londoner said...

ha ha.. noice blog u have here..

Nice meeting u at the camp-out.. didnt get a pair but i'll be there for the Air Yeezy II :D