Monday, June 15, 2009

Life's Hard..!?!?

Well, it's been a while boys and girls...!!
As you all know I enjoy sleeping on the streets, in my louis Q-ing for that rare sneaker. I mean I've done it way too many times. But I think my time is over!! Haha, I need to pass this shit down to the younger generation, getting too old for that stuff man.

Life's Hard already so why not make it easier man, as Jay-Z says. " I can't cheat Death, so I try beat life." Or something along them lines. I thoroughly enjoy my life, and I always find ways to make it easier. Recently Uni results came out, and I think I done well enough to get a decent pass. But Middlesex complicate the system so much, I can't work out if I got a 1st or a 2.1. What ever I get it is the deserved mark since I don't even try because life's hard already, why complex it anymore haha.

I wish I could tell u entertaining stories, and jokes to make this an enjoyable read, but nothing is actually happening in my life atm. Invigilating exams still, and working hard at the take-away. Hustling that louis V money, and staying fresh.

A lot of people read my blog just for my latest cop's, but when that money stops rolling in it's hard, your just going to have to read my bollox I write haha. Boy's and girl's summer is upon us, I know all u cats are flying off to exotic places, partying like there is no 2010. Drinking/Smoking yourselves to death, my photography should be improved this summer, I've been lazy and slacking off recently man. Not been thinking of my future, just been thinking about today or tomoro. How I look now and what I would wear tomoro!

Ahh it's too hot to continue typing this rubbish, I'll hit u up with some more crap next time. Don't look fwd to it, but I know u'll still read it, here is some Porn for u guys to masturbate over, too bad the feeling would be like u can't ejaculate since you won't get ur hands on these without parting with a fair bit of queen's heads.

Aaaiiiittteee, peaasshhh out!! Enjoy the sun while you can, British weather always throw you off the game!!

TK Society's Black/Red finally got them!!

Mean shot of Tan Yeezy's in the dark, shutter speed 30 second's in the dark. For that light effect. Fingers crossed I can set up the camera for this photo I've been dying to recreate. Here's the original, I'll show u what I will do.

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