Saturday, March 13, 2010

Timing is Everything..!?!

Hmm so it seems like it's been a long while since I've updated. I've had a blog written ages ago, which I still need to photograph some stuff and upload it for ya'll. But here is going to be a txt heavy blog.

The timeline on this may be a little messed up as I've been busy playing FF13. I mean I rarely have the time to play in the first place, and when I do I bang out bout 1 hour slots. So, I've dedicated my free time to gaming haha, sad I know.

Well it seems like it's come to that time of year where everyone is re-evaluating their life and setting new goals for themselves. It's all about timing right, time is a concept created by humans to keep us sane. So in that sense we have all the time in the world. But everyone goes around saying "oh I'm getting too old for this!" Bullshit I say, age is just a number, what we gain with age is experience. We all grow at different speeds. We learn through various different ways.

I know those of you who have attended school, your put through various tests to discover your own learning style. You tend to agree with it, but once again it's just the government system putting u into categories so you feel as if you fit in. Everything we do in our lives we are guided, as if we are pets.

We are born into the system, grow up on a leash. Only time you get to really be yourself is if you've taken a gap year out. But even then you've planned to slot yourself right back into the government system.

What I'm trying to say is, your young. Do what you want now, enjoy yourself, once u jump on that rift and your just going to be pulled along. Some people call this the rat race, you call it what you want. Let's see what I make out of all this, pretty much a hypocrite at the moment. But I've relaxed, I've had freedom. But what I chose to do with it, I've not regretted. Everyday you learn something new, It may not help me in my future but Knowledge is power, and having Knowledge doesn't hurt. But it's no good knowing everything, if you don't understand yourself. Your own goals, your own ambitions!

Peace out ya'll, fingers crossed I'll get round to doing a proper blog for you.

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