Saturday, March 14, 2009

Display Purposes Only..!?!

Alrite been busy lately....

Peeing on the latest Banksy's... Stunting on people and front'n

It's all about the Dan Lifestyle hahaha..

Anyways here some photo's for your viewing pleasure...

Well nothing much to say... apart from a quick rant..


As you can see the rich get richer and your getting further away from me bitches..!!!

That reminds me the other day whilst walking to Uni, some guy and his friends were walking towards me... He looks at me and then goes to his friends...

"This guy has Swag, SHIT..!!" I mean I ain't even walked past him yet, I dunno whether to take it as a compliment or what..

He didn't have swag... So he should admire me not have the right to compliment hahaha... I felt like I should have taken off my clothes and gave it to him... Insulted... Someone of his class likes it, I'm doing something wrong man..

Anyways the pictures above... if you want them in Hi-Res for your viewing pleasure please feel free to drop me an email.. ..!!

Peace out going back to Uni work.. Safe..!!

1 comment:

Calvin said...

He saw the bansky stuff when I was going upto Nottingham sick stuff .love your blogs man