Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jigga WHAT..!!

Can't Stop The Crooks..!!

Jay-Z Repping C & C Exclusive Colourway...!! Been Looking for that one for time..!!

He does it in style..!!(Toni.C Got The Same Tee In Another Colourway..)

Valentines Day Just Round The Corner For Some...

Money Grabbing Day =p... Few Drops From Bape, Nike etc... (Bape Have BearBricks as well)
They all Look Shit and aren't worth much after Valentines Day lol...

Got My Hair Cut Today..!!

I thought I would try something new hehe...

Still got the pony tail..!!

In other news, After Royal Dragon i've been ill and recovering... Today i've achieved full recovery lol...(No Medicine needed)

Clot X Maggie Q X Neighborhood Released Tomoro As well..!!

P.S Heroes 13 & Prison Break 15 Both Episodes Were Sick..!!

Great Series... Can't Wait To Watch Next Weeks Prison Break..!!! (Shall I Post Preview... Comments Please..!!)

Check back when you have time ..!!

Update..!! Wii's Are Finally Back In Stock... I've Seen Them Out and About Game Store's etc...!! Grab one whilst you can... (I'm waiting for the chipped ones still :p)

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