Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness..

No, I Didn't Spell It Wrong... I know there is a bloody I in Happiness.. But this is in relation to Christopher Gardner's Book... Made into a film Pursuit of Happyness..

Sorry about this, but I am going to link it to my older blog Life Made Simple... Happiness: "Happiness is an emotional or affective state that is characterized by feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction" (Wikipedia, 2007)
Yet why do we all strive to make money, and to keep happy? It's only an Emotional state... Anyways Let's move on..

Pursuit of Happyness, is an amazing film.. It attacks you at every emotional level.. You smile, you cry, By the end of the film you feel as if you've met Chris Gardner Yourself and lived thro his troubles with him.. (This is what a real film is suppose to do)..

"Don't Let Anyone Tell You, You Can't Reach Your Dream, Not Even Me!!"

Quote of the Century...

Reach a Millionaire By 21... Still within Reach... Hehe very unrealistic but it is a target to reach... I am working hard with MiND Ltd and On My studies Wishing one Day I No longer need to Pursuit Happyness.. Just like Christopher Gardner..

He made plenty of sacrafices... I have still yet to make any... The Path is chosen by you no one else...

Pursuit of Happyness is not only for yourself but your loved ones around you..

I am very upset I never got my MaccyD brekkie today... So no Pics Maybe tomoro.. =p

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