Monday, January 08, 2007

Reflect.. Reflector..!!

Un-Tiffany Dunk/Croc Reflector Pack... Asia Only Bitches..!!

Have to frigging babysit today so probs not got enough time to model and take pics of myself hahaha...

These ones are ones I quickly snapped up from the macbook...

Copped That Illegit Drop... Court Force High..!!



For You Guys To Read...!

Top 10 Labels of 2006..
Top 10 Hoodies of 2006..
This is Kinda Crappy list because I don't think LRG should be first or the Tiger should be in there..


MICHAEL said...

i read the 2 top10s on some forum.. thou i like bbc, but i dun think it deserve the top no.1... anyway, dope kicks.. BUT!! check out the chav kicks at my blog..
got them for a special price... i'll tell ya on msn..

C.Toni said...

LRG's Skull hoodie the best? You know you'll rather rock the Reason hoodie! And the Hundred's Paisley reminds me of Triumvir for some reason..

Anyways some DOPE shit you copped. My Homie here makes another RARE ASIA ONLY buy. You gotta give it up to him. Maybe he will be the only one rocking them in the UK. Im not a big sneaker fan but loving these man.

J.C. said...

Sick Trainers!!!!!!!!!!
Not a big fan of trainers myself but they llok the SHIT!!!!!!!!!