Saturday, July 07, 2007

Disneyland HK..!! It's Small..!!

Well.. 2nd Week Continuation from the 1st Week ^^ ...

I had the run's so going out wasn't fun for me hehe...

Then we decided to go to Disneyland..

Day 8.. Day B4 Disneyland...

We didn't do much because the nite before we were at Karaoke till 6 am... So we got up @ Stupid O clock and went to a Net Cafe..!!

5 vrs 5 CS match... We kicked ass hahaha...

Day 9... Disney land HK..!!

Proper Hot and Sunny Day... I was suffering soo much ... I'm sure i'll stick up some pic's later when I get them off people ^^

Day 10... The Fart..!!

Well nothing much happened today... I was ill so I decided to have my only water diet.. Dan starving himself isn't good haha... So I finally gave into my stomach and went to MX for a meal..!! After ordering my meal and sat down to eat it... Some Old woman sat next to me.. (without food) and just started farting..!! Put me off my food instantly..!! So I never ate anything the whole day..!!

Day 11 & 12... Wastemen..!!

11 We went N E Way... So we were drinking again... Man this was killer..

Aaron was an actual dead man... he was throwing up and had the run's ... He looked more white than usual (he is mixed raced)... Never did much apart from sleep and shit hahaha...

Day 13.. Glasses Prick..!! June 28th

Went to get my new glasses... Glasses prick is a nickname Tony gave me ages ago..!! After I picked my new glasses went shopping... Guess what I saw... BUG's..!!

Thats Right Beetles for Sale which can battle each other... Proper Disgusting and Expensive..!!

Day 14... Small World..!!

Shopping all day then went Clubbing... Met up with Mei..!! "It's A Small World After All"..!!

End of Week 2... Finally Recovered... Spent alot of this week drinking and clubbing and Singing...

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