Saturday, July 07, 2007

Birthday & The Return & Thanx..!!!

Whilst Typing This I've Just Read All The Comment's Left On My Facebook Wall..!!

THANK YOU ALL WHO WISHED ME A HAPPY B-DAY..!! Sorry I am too fucking lazy to reply to each one... But the msg got thru to me... 20 years old... >__<... Feel like Half of you out there now hahaha...

As Karmen Sed... 1 More Year Left Till I Am A Millionaire..!! (Not Even Close)..!!

Well it is my 3rd and Final Week In HK..!!

Day 15.. Harbour City..!!

Went to one of the biggest shopping center's and We got proper lost and confused... Walking around in Circles and stuff..!! Spent a Whole Day in this place... Half the time was trying to find the entrance we came in from..!!

Day 16... 1st July 10 Years..!!

We was planning to go see the fireworks but then the weather made us all confused so we missed it.. >__<... Hope you guys caught it on TV..!! Went Korean BBQ Buffet & Sing K... So Just another Day In HK for me..!!

Day 17.. Cash Flow Problems..!!

What an UN-nur..!!

Thought I was meeting Michael Today so I went to Sogo with Aaron and waited for 10 mins... Till I realised it was the Tuesday I was meeting him not Monday..!! So Met up with Ian instead and Mei... Went to Watch Die Hard 4.0 in Mong Kok..!! Inside the cinema I was reading the sign's which sed stuff which you shouldn't Do in the Cinema and guess what I saw...

Do Not Wank..!!

After Do Not Yawn, Do Not Spit There was a whole list of jokes stuff... couldn't take a photo of it tho... got in Trouble >__<..!!

Day 18... Spiz'ikes..!!

Self Explanatory..!! Took Us Ages to Find..!! Copped Some Subcrew Tee's as well from the FITTEST Sales Assistant to ever be Hired...!! She looked like Cecilia Cheung Mixed With A whole lot of Fit Celeb's with Bigger Tit's and a Better Ass..!!

Day 19... Happy 4th of July..!!

None of us Celebrate it ... But I thought I would wish you people one anyways hahaha...

Today I Copped A Tee To Match The Spiz'ikes I Copped Yesterday... Here is a pic of Both in Play..!!

Day 20... July 5th..!! Birthday..!!

20th Day... 20th B-day it is as if I planned this shit.. Hahaha.. Thanx Angie & Kevin for the amazing Cake... !! (Pic's Coming soon)...

Thanx to Tony Who Managed to Set up a B-day For me In HK.. in Such Short Notice and alot of people managed to turn up and I thank them as well ^^ ... Never got too wasted... But Still Felt the Effect's the next day >__<..!!

Day 21... The Last Day..!!

3 weeks Went by Quick... Gave you a quick Run down..!! Copped my Shit... Had My Laugh's with the Shisha Crew - Some.. Missed My Yuki & My Charlotte..!!

Well I am Not Back in UK..!! Pic's Will Come Soon... I am going to Label them By Day's..!!

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