Monday, April 30, 2007

Delay No More..!?!?

Aunt is Back With My Wii..!!!

Chipped/Hacked illegit shit... My room is too small to house this baby..!!

I think My Wii Needs To Be Clotted..!!

My Aunt Copped Me A Sick Tee..!!!

Delay No More..!?! Understand that Shit ? Say it with a chinese accent... (Only Chinese Readers will understand...!!)

(Next post I will explain it)

Friday - 27th - Angie's 21st..!!

Play Boy ?!?!

Brother & Sisterly Love...!! Out drinking with your brothers or sisters =S ..!!

Well I feel like a wasteman atm..!! Not slept for about 36 hours...

And for once I wasn't gaming >__<....

Well I'm off to Bed... Peace Out..!! Revision soon ¬__¬!!

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