Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Long Weekend..!! Crooks & Castle.?!?

BAM..!! Crooks & Castle..!! The ORIGIN'S..!! The Meaning..!!

Everything behind one of the best upcoming brands... (Upcoming or not... it's BIG)..!!

Well a Quick Blog Update..!!

Saturday Met Charlotte & Esther (Kiko to some hehe).. Not seen them for months... was nice to catch up..!!

Esther I know u going to hate me for calling u that.. haha SMILE for me ^^... (I am writing this as I am txting u)

Saturday Nite... Karmen's 20th..!! GETTING OLD..!! Roller Disco/Club thing hehe... Was a laugh.. Fell on my Fat Ass a few times >___<....

(Crap Picture because we didn't know which way to look..) But A Group One Nonetheless..!!

Sunday & Monday.. Shisha X BBQ X Curry Rice/Noodles/Chicken..!!

SHISHA Crew... lol...Man Feel Wasted From that stuff..!!

Never forget... I managed to fit in some WoW Time..!!

LVL 40 Dimsum BABY..!!

Mite be getting my ear pierced tomoro... If I don't Pussy Out.. hahahaha..!!

Check Tomoro or The Day After For Pic's..!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


fell on your FAT ass!! GOOD!

errmm.. im grinning from ear to ear and it hurts now...


i shall PUSH you over!

Estheerrrrr x