Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Build Up..?!!

I've finally Done "IT"?

This is the state of my room building up to the exam's..!!

I will post a pic of it clean and tidy after the exam's when i've binned all my work and stuff... If only my phone's camera was big enough to show u my whole room lol...

Late nights "Revising", fat stomach needed filling..!!

This blog is about Heroe's...!!

Next Week is last episode >__< ... 2 episode special..!!

Those who have not seen it... Hurry up and catch up..!!

/blogmodeoff.. Back to revision..!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hmm.. i commented today just after you published this blog..

don't know why but i was so happy before *=D =D*

hmm feeling melodramatic and melancholic right now...

BUT STILL! i am OVER THE MOON for you and charlotte!!

you havent wasted my "sum gei"

about time i retired now..

my work here is done =)