Thursday, May 17, 2007

Street Wear Apprentice..?!

No They Didn't..!! HAHA...

Apprentice UK Stepped all over our territory..!!

Carnaby Street... Showing off Bapesta's & Roadsta's...!!

And Calling REEBOK's TRENDY... They know NOTHING..!!

Street... Why would u name a brand Street..!!

I wish I was on the Apprentice taking up this task... I would pass with flying colours..!!


Well I certainly know what my street is haha... Definately not them kick's... they need some tips on designing..!!

Me looking fit for The Apprentice..!!

Anyways Watching Apprentice triggered this post... now back to revision >__< ..!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you put the pic up... so vain -.-

errrmm mami just says hiii =s

she said i am making her shy. erm. she says hiiiiiii =)