Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tradition's ..?!

Chinese Traditions, English Traditions.. Everyone has traditions and we all live by these..

They could be culture specific, lifestyle specific, religion specific or just stuff you do as a routine..

Friday, was my "Jeh Jeh's" B-day.. She turned 12..!! ^^ lol..
(Yeah I know it doesn't work when I am 7 years older haha)

The funniest thing happened @ Dinner... Chinese readers should know about this...

Covering The Bill @ The End of A Meal..!! Chinese people always fight for the right haha... (White folks thinking STUPID CHINK'S... Let the other person get the bill.. Black folks thinking free food HELL YEAH..!! Brown folks thinking that meal was expensive..)

Well Auntie was fighting to pay the bill and literally attacked the Waiter for the Bill.. I was creasing when he put his hand's up and surrendered... Then when she looked @ the bill it was for the other table...>__< How embarrassed we was...

Following the blog theme... I have to say Sorry to a few people... I've let alot of people down recently...

Tony C.
Aaron H.
Charlotte F.
Esther L.

Some of the closest people to me right now... I don't know how people see this but I put Hing Dai's before girlfriend >__< (Don't Hate Me)... But trying to keep both parties happy is hard.. I'm trying to give enough time to everyone so please forgive me.!! But by doing this I seem to upset both parties or just piss them off... *Sigh*.. (After My Last Blog.. I'm still not fully recovered)... But Depressing times are over..!!

Let me leave u with a link to Kanye West's New Single Dropping Soon From His New Album..!! Link

"If the Devil Wear Prada, Adam & Eve Wear Nada
I'm inbetween but way more fresher."

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Ling said...

Hey. Its always hard to satisfy everyone and makin' everyone happy. But most important of all, be happy yourself first. Put yourself before others and you'll find that actually things are goin to be alright. :)

"Dont hate, Learn to Love".