Friday, May 25, 2007

Still Human..!!

When your weak, there is always someone to look up to... For Many of you it maybe a parent figure, a brother, a sister or maybe your partner... Hell For Some of you it may even be Me..!!

I am usually a strong character, a fighter someone who doesn't show sign's of weakness or emotions.. I only show one emotion and thats happiness.

To Face The Day With A Smile, The Day Shall Smile Back At You... I've lived by that rule/law/statement which i've thought of myself... And it has treated me well.. I've had no problem's... and when I do all I do is look up and smile..(or pick up one of my kick's and just admire them)

I've heard alot of saying's such as..

"Dan, I Hate You. Your Always Happy.!!"
"Dan, Aren't you ever upset?"
"Dan, Everytime I see you your laughing!!"

Well, it takes a weak person to lie about their emotions, At the end of the day I am still Human..

I don't like showing sign's of weakness because of the fact some people look up to me... Some people feel as if my positivity rub's onto them and then they can face the day with a smile..

I've always felt, as long as you've gone thro the day and you've made ONE person smile or laugh, your day is complete... The best of times are happy times, so Why can't everyone just get along and have a laugh...

Sorry about this Blog... Not Feeling Very Dim Today... I'll be alrite.. =)..!!

Anyways back to being DIM..!!

LOST Season 3 or whatever the hell it is on... SUCH AN AMAZING ENDING..!! The Ending has made it the best season ender this year... Prison Break had a lame ending... Heroes was worse... Desperate housewive's I have no idea where that is going... Ugly Betty seems to just be going round in circles... (Yes I am a woman I watch all these shows)...

Apprentice.. DAMN RIGHT SHE SHOULD BE FIRED..!! Business is Business..!!

I'm going to smoke some shisha and cut my life shorter... Live For Today Not Tomoro..!!

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i am here =) x