Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Esther We Love You..!!!

Esther We Love You..!!

A Pic For Ivy, Whitney & Vanessa..!!
(Log's Onto Facebook For Esther Pic..!!)
There Are None of Her by herself... And The Ones You Can See Her She is making weird Faces ..

Well it's Been 12 Hours Since I got my ear done... and it's finally stopped Stinging >___< ..

We are Such Druggies ¬___¬...

We only Live Once... This is all Aaron's Fault I Have this..!!

Anyway's back to the Real Dim Blog..!! Hehehe...

Well I Ain't Kept Up To Day With the Fashion side....

Here are a few Up coming brand's i'm Planning to keep an Eye on..!


NikeiD America Have Finally Got Nike Dunk Hi Top's On it..!!

We've Got Nike AF25...

My First Design..!!

Signing out it is Late... >__<...

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