Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time & Changes...!?!

I'm picking up this topic for a blog because i'm just going to rant about how I feel about changes..

There is always that debate of changes isit good or isit bad?

Also With Time Comes Changes but a lot of us decide not to change or try not to change.

I, for example decide not to change or try not to... I seek out Original Trainers because i don't like the newer stuff.. I look for older stuff and pay more than it was released ?

Why? You Ask because I think it's worth paying more to not change.

Time is the cause of all changes, To me I think it helps me a lot, it makes the clothing I buy rarer.. and Worth more... My Trainers rarer and more desired..

Well as time passes I begin to age, I think it's about time i'm jumping off streetwear... Getting 20+ wearing crazy ass colours and stuff...

Nah, Allow DAT..!! I'm Streetwear inside out, it's my culture and way of life..!!

Hey, when you feel down all you gotta do is check yourself out, look @ your kicks and BAM your smile will come back.. Or when some cat comes up to u and goes Man those are looking fresh or where u cop that man..

These are comments and feelings you can't pay for..

Stay Fresh To Death..!!

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