Friday, November 02, 2007


Well I'm here today writing not about my Kicks As half of u are here for hahaha...

“The police have arrested 17 people following the seizure of 88 T-shirts and several hundred postcards with the name 14-K printed on them. The products were taken away from outlets of the home accessories chain store - G.O.D. The police said those arrested, including the company’s owner and designer, are suspected of violating the Societies Ordinance. However, G.O.D’s marketing manager, Cherry Ma, said 14-K referred to gold - not the triad society. She said staff were shocked by what appeared to be coordinated raids on the company’s three stores and warehouse.”

Source: RTHK

Image was Jacked I have no idea what it means hahaha... Someone inform me as i can't read chinese...!!

Well, talking about educating haha... Been watching Kid Nation... OMG it's sooo good... Quite Touching seeing kids as young as 10 planning their future and stuff...

Anyways try check it out man

Signing out...!!

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baboonbutte said...

拾 (sup)= verb: pick up/ collect
or ten.
肆 (si) = shop or four

廿(ya) = twenty

Looked it up for u~