Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Xmas Spirit...(Energy In My Case =p)

Well it is that time of year again... Giving & Receiving... Guys with the gadgets or kids with their New Nintendo Wii's...

I introduce to you the USBCELL... Rechargable via USB..!! (Only Comes In AA)

Someone get me some of these for Xmas... will come in handy for them Wiimotes... !!!

They are affordable... if you don't know me personally.. how about be a nice person and Donate some £££ or $$$ so I Can purchase some of these....

Anyways ..!! Link is On the right..!! --->

Donations Over £30 or $60 will receive Free Tee's..!! HOWS THAT FOR XMAS SPIRIT..!!

PS.. I Still need to raise £90... for them Tiffany Trainers... =p

COPPED THAT SHIT... (Edit @ 3.00 am.. GMT)..

I copped this tight Shalom Tee... Showing my love for the NY but this tee is heat so I had to cop it... was as cheap as chips.. £20 Delivered From US..!! BRAAAAAP..!!

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