Monday, June 11, 2007

Kicking Back.!?!?

Air Jordan III Black Cat's .!!! COPPED..!!

Photo doesn't do these kick's justice, they look dope in real life..!! So Those Close to me ... LOOK OUT FOR THEM..!!

Well this blog is to notify you i'm kicking back in HK 2007... in 3 Days..!!

14th June I Shall be flying to HK... So no blogging till I come back..!!

Will be copping some Dope ass shit out there so expect an extended blog... 7th July... (Day I come back..)

Fashion News..!! NEW ERA STORE NOW OPEN in LONDON..!! Some LDN Xclusive's Check it..!!

Kicking back from WoW...

Dimind - 69
Dimsum - 50..!!

Well, Busy Busy Busy... Till I fly..!! Check Back Later...!! MiND 07 Drop's As Well..!!


1 comment:

Nixon said...

Sup man, u kl?
Finally got dem jordan
3's.(They damn nice!). Yh yh just dropped by cheakin up ur blog, aint been on it like for time so yh. Ur still human blog was deep, n made a lot a sense, probs to ur happy rule. Anywayz didn't kno u waz gonna go to HK so soon already, so i just wanted to say have fun yh n cope barrre shit, hit me bk some stuff yh ;). Aite we'll hook up when u get bk see u den.


Nixon >>Air ShoX<<