Sunday, November 11, 2012


Well It’s been a while guys, and i’ve missed this. Can’t say I am going to be constantly on this but i’ll at least ‘try’. This blog is going to be about that... Trying, Changing and Generally not giving up. All my blogs I pick smart titles, or a title that aims to cover the Whole post in one.

Atelier, means Workshop in French. Why this title? Well an atelier consists of an artist who is training their students in fine art. I would like to see you take something away from this post and maybe fine tune yourself to be a better man or woman.
You want some juicy gossip about my life, well you know your reading the wrong blog haha. I don’t need to drop much, more cops, more kicks, new job. If you know me you’ll be up-to-date if not then u’ve not missed much. If you want to keep up follow me on twitter or add me on Facebook.
Alrite back on topic for you eager mo-fo’s who only read my blog to feel better about yourselves. That's the mentality u need in life,  to be happy to stay strong and strive for happiness! 

They say wisdom comes with age but I beg to differ it isn't the age it is the experience!  Maybe experience comes with age but then again I don't think so either!  It is the willingness to try and learn.  Everyday is a lesson where it be at work,  at home or at school!  There is a lesson to be learnt,  a mistake to be made, an experience to be lived! 

Well during the draft of this blog Obama was re-elected into the white house.  His previous campaign stood for hope and change and you know what I think change is the mildest form of trying!!  Give it a go change you routine,  change your habits it might not suit you but at least u've tried! 
You know what I can't finish this post off because then I'd be a hypocrite!  I'm still trying myself so I'm going to leave it at that.......

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