Monday, November 19, 2012

The Return..!?!

(Please Be Informed That This Blog Was on Draft... I Don't Want To Waste My Own Efforts So I Posted It)
[Untouched and Unedited From When I Drafted It]

Well it seems like a long long time since i've posted a blog..
You know what I didn't feel like informing you guys all about my life, my thoughts, my rants, what ever you want to call it.
But you know what..!!
As per request from certain fans (Mo you are my motivation for this blog) after the Yeezy 2 line up @ 1948..!! I've returned..!! Miss me? I doubt it.. Need me.. DEFINITELY hahahaha....
It seems like once again the sneaker community has brought me back to THIS SPACE hahaha....

Everyone uses that rubbish saying, WATCH THIS SPACE..!?1 I think i've dropped it a few times in my blog... but you know what it's not fucking space any more. (Specially with all this irrelevant text sprawled across it)
Alright well as usual all my titles aren't straight forward. It's simple it's the return of me on my blog... I'll try to post more regularly...

It's actually the return of the Nike x Kanye West Collab, AIR YEEZY 2..!! I know you've all seen me shitting on people with my 3 pairs of Yeezy 1's.. Well I kid you not i've also pulled out the YEEZY 2, literally been pulled out (of a raffle)..
If you're reading this your a fucking sneaker head or a wannabe sneaker head. So i'm not going to bore you with all the details and nitty gritty shit.
Except the fact, Footpatrol printed 3,000 entry forms and all of them were filled in.
40+ pairs of Grey's and 25 pairs of Blacks.. I got picked to purchase them... Luck?? Fate?? Destiny?? Inside Job?? (Haters going to hate) TO ME KARMA..!!
Let me be frank with you, I'm now working full time so i'm no longer an unemployed 20 something year old, Q-ing, sleeping on streets for pairs of kicks... How I used to afford all this shit I don't understand. I'm working full time and I can barely survive the month, times are hard and we can DROP £210 on a pair of POORLY made Kicks..
But you know what fuck you, don't judge me.. You spend all your money on alcohol, drugs, women, (Insert Sin here)...
[These Bracket are for the new kids who joined the sneaker game within the last year or two, Who buy a pair of Jordans because their friends are wearing it, or because u've found Size? or you've suddenly discovered Footpatrol, 1948, House of Hoops, Ebay.. (or where ever kids get their shit from now a days.) Let me thank you little shits who've just joined the sneaker collecting scene.. because you've ruined it.!! I had pairs of Jordans I couldn't unbox because they meant so much to me. *COUGH* B/RED 3's.. My favourite shoe of all time and probably one of the best colourways. Last year JB (Jordan Brand for you fucking n00bs) GR (General Release) the fucking B/RED 3's and now every kid with access to their dad or mothers purse or wallet has one on. (FUCK ME THEY ARE EXPENSIVE NOW) £130 for these new ugly ass SON OF MARS..!! What has the game become..!!]
Class is in session..! *ATTENTION*
Let me inform you about Jordans to me.. The guys before my time.. I fully respect you and I have no right in dropping the wrong knowledge but i'm saying it how it's evolved during my time.
When I first started buying Jordans, they were sold in JD Sports.. JD FUCKING SPORTS ON THE SALE RACK... £30 for Fire Red 3's.. YEAH YOU HEARD ME... (I think they were my first pair of Jordans) Yes I got the retro releases and not the OG's but I paid with my own money I earned.
Well I may have grew up in the Jordan era, but I didn't watch him as a kid.. I appreciated his greatness when I was old enough to fully understand Space Jam was an Amazing film haha.. I did my research and my homework and now I understand the history behind the shoes and everything else behind it. As for the fucking yeezy's, KANYE IS my favourite artist. Some say he is a dick, I agree. Most chicks hate the guy because he is arrogant, fair play. But everything he touches turns to gold.. ?!? Illuminati (Thats another blog) Hate all you want he is an idol to some and people want these shoes for a reason.
(I've had enough of reading this and i'm guessing so have you.. )


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