Tuesday, June 11, 2013


If you got the title then you would know what this blog post is about... E3 hasn’t even been wrapped up yet and you all know i’m a Nintendo Fan... Always have been always will be and there is a reason for that..!!

The Title I know is from Metal Gear Solid... Yes you new age players will be like thats not a Nintendo game etc etc etc... Do your research... MGS has come out on nearly all consoles... But what I really want to mention is Super Smash Bro’s Universe.. DO you know what you don’t come onto my blog to read about shit you can find elsewhere. Facts and figures, videos and reviews what ever you want to know you can just google that shit....
As for my opinion I will only mention the best games and that may not even be the ones ur interested in... Anyways lets kill of this paragraph...

So why did I pick that title... usually they will basically sum up the whole blog post... this one is about my Snakey ‘Brother’... You may or may not know who this person is but I treated him like a brother..
I’ve know him for a very long time and we’ve been through alot together and individually.. We’ve grown up watching [back stabbing in his case] each others backs... For those of you who do not know me personally... Yes i’m an absolute dick, someone you want to punch in the face.. but let me be honest with you here i’m actually that go to guy...

Of course people have different opinions about each other, sometimes it’s cruel and it’s something they are born with... Sometimes it’s just the way they have treated you... And other times it’s the way that person acts in general...

Yes, I am that guy who likes to and tries to please everyone and every third party involved indirectly... 1 because I believe I have a reputation to keep and I would like to keep my reputation intact... I grew up with the worst of Reps... so once i moved away from that academic and school environment I built a solid foundation. Where I’ve tried to layer into a mansion of knowledge and information.... 2 because helping others and being ‘nice’ is just manners... In this day and age what has the true gentleman become ?!?!

The other day I offered to help a lady, and she just told me to fuck off because she wasn’t interested ?! Excuse me..!?! I’m not trying to move you stupid bitch... I just wanted to do a duty as a gentleman and help you out... I’m sorry just because I speak to you doesn’t mean I want something... Thats what society has taught us every move needs to have a motive and usually that motive is negative... Stop being so selfish... I offered a helping hand because it wouldn’t have made any difference in my life... but i might have shaved off a few minutes of your life...

Anyways talking about making moves with motives... Please think about how you treat your friends... Don’t suddenly out of the blue call me because you want a problem solved... 90% of the time I will probably say Yes, because i’m that YES man... but at least give a shit about the rest of my life before you drag me into ur life... Some people just need to stop and think, It’s not always about you..

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