Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What is life..?!

Feeling Alive..?!?
Waking up in the morning..?!
Going out and Spending money..!?
Spending Time With a Loved One..!?
Going To Work..!?
Having a Meal..!?!

These are all valid answers... But What is the meaning to life..?

Breath, Eat and Reproduce That is the Basic make up of life.. Yet why aren't we all happy ?

This week saw the collapse of Lehman Brothers. They had over $639 billion in assets and $613 billion in debt, meaning even with $26 billion in equity they were not able to stay afloat.

To us that is a crazy amount of Money... Can that even be seen in a lifetime..?!

I mean even Warren Buffet is only Valued @ $62 Billion... Anyways enough with these facts.....!?!

The Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers has/will affect the rest of the world.. But this could be taken as a Good sign for people like Us... (Relatively Speaking As Most My Readers are ex-students or students)

A lot of Job cuts and cut backs from bigger companies and people are going to be spending less... Also property market will go upside down.. But have you thought of this..

This is the Era of the Entrepreneurs.. That is a more sophisticated name for a Hustler...

It's time to put your 3 brain cells left in your lazy ass head and start hustling. Put fingers to keyboards and type up some plans. Finding a job will be hard and now a days small businesses are making big sums of money...

I mean what is there stopping you from using your ££ that you've saved or just received from your redundancy package and invest in your own Future..!!

MAKE SOMETHING PEOPLE WANT.. <-- That is a marketing line...

MAKE SOMETHING PEOPLE NEED.. <-- Dan play on that line.. What you need to do is create a product that people think they need...

I've thought about it, Iphone, PS3, Trainers (Personal)... I don't need them and yes I want them.. But I have the feeling I need them.. It mite be because of all the advertising and just to be a cut above the rest socially. Or just to stand out. But I feel I need them..!!

I started off this blog with the question What is Life..!?!

To me life is just living to be different.. I mean why don't we all just wear the same thing like Uniform @ School..?? Why do we spend soo much money to eat @ expensive restaurants..? Why do we spend so much on cars and jewelery...??

We are all human, more or less the same.. But as we live our lives we want to be different, unique, Stand out..!!

Are you ready for a change in your life, I think this is the best time to give it a go.. Do something different for once.. Go out have some fun.. Happy Splashy once in a while.. Treat yourself to something nice.. Because there are going to be years of working infront of you... Paying Mortgages and funding your families..

Let me give you one of my newer sayings.. (Marmite thing)

"It's Dan, To Be Different!"

Aite peace ya'll, Lets Do Business..!!

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