Friday, September 26, 2008


Man everyone is growing up and moving on haha...

I'm still stuck at Uni..

Most people in my academic year have gone, moved on to bigger better prospects in their life...

Keep looking for all them people who haven't found a job and have the time to read this crap..!!

Good luck to all first year students starting Uni... (I have a wide range of readers)

It's been a while since i've been Happy Splashy on garms and etc..

But this week saw the release of the G Shock Crazy Colours in London's, Casio Store...

Limited to 50 in the store (Or so i've been told)...

This is the result..!! This is what I spend my hard earnt money on haha.

Some film students or people with a broad range in Cinema may know where that image printed on that tee is from... La Haine From French Cinema... Amazing Film..

No turning back... self explanatory man... I never look behind, dwell on the past, only see the future..!!

And everyone should get used to seeing the back of me... Because that's all you'll be seeing haha..

Anyways I have nothing more to say...


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