Monday, March 19, 2007

Can't Stop The Pigeon..!!

Copped MoFo..!! Jeff Staple Pigeon New Era..!!

It really is a New Era lol... Me rocking Caps..!!

Well not much to post on this... This is just a quick update to show u my latest coppage Hehe...!

More WoW for me... Lvl 42 & 60%..!!

Introducing DANKCY(!!!

Yeah thats my new email address... I did it for a laugh... so if you want to delete me go ahead..!!

(Dankcy... Banksy) (Btw it is my real initials)...

ATM my Cashflow is poor... More Expenses than Income..! So probably no more copping shit till I go HK..!!

I was a proper STUDENT Today for the first time..!! Public Transport + Ipod + No Money.. = Student..!! LOL... But thanx to Tony I did not have to catch the Bus..!!!

I just wanted to note down... TMNT..!! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.. ARE BACK... OMFG... I love that shit man... Back in the day we used to pretend to be them.. And I used to be Leonardo.. but I'm such a Donatello now hahaha Geek and Loves His Machinery..!!

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