Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A New Age..!!

Well It's A New Month... & A New Beginning..!!!

WoW Update...

Since I Last Posted... I've lvled about 20 odd levels...!!

I'm 29 whilst posting this blog....

A New Age In Utopia has Started...!! U Who Dunno What it is CHECK IT OUT ..!! Great online txt based strategy game not all u idiots will understand it tho..

New Age Heroes...!! Coming Soon on April 23rd..!! How Could they end it like that...!!

Prison Break As well It's coming to an END imo... WHO KNOWS..!!!

Not much news from the street wear brands...!! Keeping my pocket and my bank account Happy...!!

Well the biggest news on streetwear... Jay-Z has FINALLY Sold Roca-wear..!! That Crappy Brand... Jay-Z Himself doesn't even wear ..!!

Well more banter from me.... All over Print's Continued..!!

Since I am talking about new age's and new start's... I thought I would state what I think will be in...

Now thats some SEXY hoody..!! Woven + Silk..!! The Silk has the all over print... this is a reversable hoody... but the Woven idea is sick..!! I would purchase this over any BAPE... £400 + only 50 in the world... but damn that is money well spent..!!

AF25's..!! Still ain't got my share... but in Due Time.. These kick's are looking dope... The Mid's n e ways ... Ain't Touching The Low's..!!

2007 Court Forces & Dunk's Looking Sexy as well... >__< Hope they drop when I go HK..!! Save myself some £££ and time looking for them..!!

Well not much else to say... But i'm slowly re-gaining my life back...!! After a week of WoW..!! lol... Sorry to those who've found it hard to contact me ... or speak to me during the week...!! I'll be BACK..!!!

Signing Out ... Dim

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