Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's The End..!!

.. But Beginning of The World of Warcraft..!!

WoW Site..

Well I've not been posting much recently because A not much has happened in my life... =p...

Well today I threatened some gay little school kids from St Mary's who thought it would be funny to video spraying me with some deodrant...!!

Spraying the back of my hoody >__<.. i chased them like mother fuckers and threatened them lol... was going to give him a right hook but I could be jailed for that shit...

Well thats it... It's already the end of Feburary and i've achieved nothing =p..

Prison Break & Heroes This Week Fucking AMAZING...!!!

Catch that shit if you can man...

I'm going to leave u something pretty sad... Female Readers Check this out...
Thanx Tina For Sending me this YEARS Ago...!!
I dug it back up for Carlie... and I was nearly in Tears Again..!!

Just Watch This Shit..!! The Girl init is PROPER FIT..!! ++++ For The Guys =p..

IT IS THE END OF MY SOCIAL LIFE...!! MMORPG'S..!! World of Warcraft..!! NOOO...!!
P.S Check out that south park episode youtube should be able to hit u up... Search South park world of warcraft =p... It pretty much explains everything for me..!!

>___<...!!! Someone Resurrect me ..!!


carlie said...

hmm..lol i dont lyk the swearing!! yeshhh dat vids so sad, i had 2 watch it twice haha!! yuuuuuur i see my name again in your blog haha! well y dont u try going out!! lol xx

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