Thursday, February 15, 2007

Crooks X 100..!!

Mother Fucking CROOKS..!!!

Well I would show u a pic of my cop... but the thing is it is txt so my macbook seems to like to flip images >___<

*EDIT* I can FLIP THE IMAGE...!! hahaha My n00b self ¬___¬"...

Crooks & Castle X The Hundreds Special Collabo Tee For The Opening Of The Hundreds Store in LA..!!

ONLY SOLD ON LOCATION..!!! Rare as hell..
Weasels are from Who Framed ROGER RABBIT..!! You Gotta Remember That Film..!! 1987... Year I was Born...!! Jessica Rabbit... Everyone remembered her man...

Anyways ...!! V-Day Just Gone And Past... Hope Many of you enjoyed yourself... Guys hope you saved some money for the new year... And Gals bet you feel much better about yourself...

++++ To all the big headed girls who know their fit and got bare roses lol..

I know I ain't sending roses again >___< Cost too much... rather cop a few more tee's for myself =p...

Chinese New Year Just Round The Corner...!! Red Seems to be the theme of this post..!!


I have 2 more tee's coming in... I hope I get them b4 Saturday..!!

Well... Check back for Chinese New Year Pics...!! Have A Happy & Successful Pig Year..!!

GREED Is the main thing this year...!! CAN'T STOP THE CROOKS..!!


It Opens With You Seeing All 3 Kakashi Students... (YES INCLUDES SASUKE)..!! They Are All Grown Up...

And CLOSES WITH KAKASHI Taking them back to training...!!

First episode wasn't all that, just covering back story and re-introducing characters but it's got me all fired up again...!!!

Lets Hope Naruto Shippuuden Doesn't Disappoint..!!

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