Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Well I thought I would just post this to share Links...!!

A couple of videos for all of you, as you know Prison Break & Heroes Previews ...

So Here Comes The List..!!
Prison Break..!! Season 2 Episode 17..

Heroes!! Season 1 Episode 15..!!

Hypebeast Video..!!WATCH THIS..!!!

New Nike Advert..!! Recommended.!!

Well back to my life lol...

Today was the beginning of UNI ..!! BORING AS HELL, I fell asleep in the first lecture..!!!

Ace Cafe...!! (First Tuesday of Every Month)... Wasn't too bad... first time I met soo many people I knew... Was a jokes nite... I nearly froze my frigging feet off... Couldn't feel them by the end of the nite... actually I can't feel them typing this right now..

Copped a few shit.. so I will post pics when I get them.. Thats about it my friends... Until Next Time... Don't BELIEVE The Hypebeast..!!

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