Monday, February 12, 2007

I Care, Ikea, My Fear .?!?..

This is a shout out to all them people who are feeling ill/recovering from illness.. I have only recently recovered as well... >__<...

I only recently found out that XOXOXOX means Hug's and Kisses LOL... This is a sign I am getting old and slower. My Slang isn't kept uptodate >__<..!!

You know who you are... XXXXOOO =p... Hope you get well soon..!!

Ikea Trip.. Well I took my mother to Ikea on Sunday... I always buy something when I go there and this is what I recently purchased...

It's kinda bent but I don't care hehe... My room is sooo DIY... I don't even have a door...
My fear..

Is Streetwear Culture DEAD ? All these people hopping onto Streetwear... all them US Hiphop stars killing it off like Hiphop..

Nas's Album Hiphop is Dead released at the perfect time...!!

Specially with established brands like BAPE... Killing Themselves... NIGO READ YOUR OWN SLOGAN...!!

Ape Shall NEVER KILL APE...!!

BAPE just killed it with this FISH/Frog/Alien Hoody... Watch people cop this wack shit coz it is BAPE..

Whilst I was typing this up we had a little Fun :p..

EDIT..!! Instead of Updating my blog I thought I would add to this..!!

Heroes Episode 16 Preview... No Prison Break Thanx To That Pants Show 24..!!

SOMEONE DIES NEXT WEEK..!! Can't Wait To See Who It Is..!!

Hiro? Ando? Mohinder? Matt? Who Knows..!! Only Next Week Will Tell...!!

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