Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bored Rant..!!

It's been a while since i've had a rant or something really interesting for you girls to read...

Haven't had anything inspirational happen to me recently.. .Maybe because i've been too busy doing coursework *sigh*...

Then I met up with some old school mates and then it hit me... I'm soo immature compared to everyone haha... (Who cares =p)... I'm living the dream..!!

Everyone working hard @ Uni or placement' or with their jobs And then there is me...

Ultimate Bum haha.. Perfect example of a student.. Always broke... Unemployed and everything... But there is also something I have everyone else needs..!!


People stress themselves out too much and they become ill haha... Look at me..!! The only stressful thing I do is probably picking out what to wear in the morning or deciding what to buy next because 2 pairs of trainers came out at the same time ...

People say they envy me... but it's actually the other way round ... I bloody want your life... I wish I had a secure income and boring life... Actually I rather not grow up and be this age forever hahaha at least I enjoy life and feel young...

For all of you who do not know me personally (Yeah Bitches I do get readers) my personality comes out PERFECT in my blogs ^^..

This always happens so i'm just going to mention it... Brands & Designer clothing ..!!

Fair enuff to those who buy it for quality... but those who don't understand Design at all and just purchase it because it is a branded good..!! Stop being a follower... Start your own trend ..!!

Anyways this all leads to my finding of this..!!

Alrite this has given me motivation to do some bloody work..!! need to Up that word count..!! AHHH..!!!

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