Monday, July 21, 2008

Bow in The Presence..!?!

Well this time round it isn't you Bowing to me hahaha...

Law 27..?!?! Check that shit out...

One and a Half years in the Making, One of One... Kanye West Is the Louis Vuitton Don..!!!

Fingers crossed I can get hold of my LV bag, Louis Vuitton Dan hahaha ^^

Anyways this blog was just to inform u guys of a little incident that happened @ The take away last nite...

There was some Drunk guy ordering Prawn Chow Mein... I mean it took me about 10 mins to understand his fake accent and his drunk state... But I worked it out... Then He wanted another one I think... (Who knows..) but he asked me to go inside to get him another one...

There was a drunk black guy ordering a Singapore Fried Noodles as well so he just paid me and when he over heard the 1st guy (named Benji).. Telling me to go inside and grab him another free of charge... He goes Pay the guy for your meal...

Benji:"You Fucking with me?"
Black guy: "No, I said pay the gentleman."
Benji: "I have money to pay the nice guy."
Black guy: "Then Pay!"
Benji: "You Starting, don't fuck with me?"
*Ring Ring*
Dan: "Hello, Oriental Express How May I Help? Excuse me a second."
"Calm down Benji, just take your meal and take a seat your other chow mein will be coming soon.. Sir, Please could u sit over there whilst I take this order."
Woman on fone: "HAHAHA whats happening?"

Took all orders, broke up fight and then delivered the order to the woman..

BOW IN THE PRESENCE OF DAN man.. Cool, Calm, Collected... Handle the situation and broke up the fight whilst taking orders and taking them inside.

No one messes up my place, Stupid people getting drunk and trying to start trouble... I can talk people out of everything.. Managed to talk Benji into buying 2 cans of Coke for me and him..

Check this little video out .. It's how media influences women and how they want to be perfect. Well I ain't like that coz i'm Close to it already hahaha...

Uploaded by xenofilms

A few weeks ago... I think I informed u about this shoe..

Here is a pic of it for all those lazy people who didn't bother looking for it haha..

Alrite i'm off to work now... Safe catch u all another time ^^ Oh yeah i'm taking votes...

Iphone 3G 16 GB White or
Blackberry BOLD...

I need a new phone and I need to be up to date since my old phone is sooo out dated haha

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