Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I Am..!?!

Daniel Khor, I Am Him..!!!

Well i've just really been working all week... But i've been sooo Bored I thought i'd make up some more Dim Original Quotes...

This shit is TIME STAMPED So if this shit ever comes up in reports books or anything... You heard it here and I want to be referenced BITCHES..!!!

Let me hit you with one of my favorites..!!!

"I Don't Dream At Night, Because I Am Living The Dream."

"I'm just a prototype, through experience and innovation, I'll become a Fine Product.."

DANIEL KHOR 2008..!!!

Well it's become a weekly thing now... Purchasing Trainers or items with my Wages..!!!

Here is one I just picked up... A lil gift from my Sister...

And check this photo out... WHAT IS THIS ?!?! Something from Louis Vuitton... Check back in a few weeks when shit has Dropped and your Jaw will hit the floor..!!!

Babe of the Week this had to be added hahaha... Coz she is just sooo hot...
(DENISE MILANI) For all you Pervs hahaha...

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i am christian, lol said...

WE HAVE TO SERIOUSLY CHANGE THAT TO BABE OF THE YEAR...thats how much i mean it putting it in CAPITALS!! lol