Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Haha, me blogging again has started some talk again, it's been a while since my name has been ringing around. Guess what I managed to cop, something which I have blogged time ago and has finally been released!!! Green/purple spiz'ikes!! Check that shit out!!

Whilst I was out shopping, the usual happened, some girl was like that guy looks sick. Fuel to my ego, that's the currency I trade in man. Fucking compliments, they defy the credit crunch haha. Well boys and girls it's time for xmas hope you all got money to spend! Coz tastes are changing and I bet you all, your loved ones want more expensive gifts. That's what happens when u are looking at a 63K Jacob & co watch haha. That's on my santa's list, probably won't get it this year but one day.

Today whilst shopping I spotted one of the best advert's I've seen in a while. And I'm usually out looking at adverts, this one was from Maestro. Their slogan is The New Cash. They had the old guy from the £10 note with two walking sticks, and a big saying Cash Has Retired. Anyways, I've recently been killing some people by holding information from people about a new brand which I have found. But that's the source of the easiest income, selling information people want/need based on what you provide or don't provide. But I thought I would be nice. Here are some of the pieces I picked up and they are bloody amazing.

Sabitnyc that's the brand name, and they are going to blow up, you heard it here first! Another Daniel Khor finding.

"Dress like you own the place, and people think you do." Daniel Khor 2008 because Gavin thinks I'm too bouji. (Not too sure if I used the word right but who gives a shit.)

p.s Don't Hate.. ^^

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K said...

That's a woman's watch.