Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm amazing..!?!

I'm amazing!! Haha.. It's been a while, I always write this shit, just been a mad and hectic few weeks, but I've caught back up with my crazy life and I'm ahead again.
This blog is a special one, probably be the one I do till xmas and maybe the last one of 2008. It may also be the last one on As you all know I keep saying I will buy a new website. I think if I make the change before 2008 I will have good luck in the future haha. Alrite next time hit me up on

Anyways this weeks theme of I'm amazing, is for the release of 808's and heartbreaks which was in conjunction with me receiving this in the post. Don't hate bitches just because louis vuitton love me and they ain't showing u any love. Hahaha.

Also I'm amazing refer's to me haha, I've found a new brand bitches!! Their shit is on their way to me and this time I've taken swagger to a whole new level. Fuck Kanye west, fuck jay'z. 2009 is about Daniel khor your local celeb. I break so many necks, guys check me out more than your bitches or even yourself if your a chick reading this.

Oh shit, when I saw this video it inspired me to photoshop myself using the letters D-a-n-i-e-l k-h-o-r but I'm no longer living the blogger lifestyle, I'm working and shit no time to photoshop myself haha. Anyways there has been rumours spreading about me, don't think shit doesn't get back to me. I have solid networks and trust worthy friends, let me quote Kanye west on this shit. Eat shit and die!!! Haha his outbreak after someone lobbed a coin at him.

Anyways, this is one of my last blogs before the new site. Signing out your local celebrity, Daniel Khor.


Anonymous said...

Does the truth hurt?
Not a local celeb anymore huh? haha

Anonymous said...

Quite the follower...
Truth ? I know the truth..

How else do you think I got it ¬__¬..

Anyways I do this shit for people like you...

Keep on reading..!!

Anonymous said...

ur a dick

Anonymous said...

I allow you to have your own opinions Mr Anonymous..